Pro CMC 64oz
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Pro CMC 64oz

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Pro CMC 64oz. Gastric Relief Formula. For Horses.

Your horse deserves the best care that money can buy. Thankfully, our lineup of veterinary care, including a select collection of Pro CMC products, guarantees that your horse feels as good as it looks.

Soothe your horseís stomach and gastrointestinal-related woes with Pro CMC horsesíPro CMC 64oz. Gastric Relief Formula. This is a highly effective Asorbine product that neutralizes stomach acid that bothers your beloved animal. Treat and prevent stomach acid-related pain with Absorbine Pro CMC, which coats and calms horsesí nervous stomachs. Fully stocked with an essential source of calcium and magnesium, this product is ideally suited for use with any and all horses experiencing stomach acid pain.

Discover our low prices on this helpful product, and browse our online inventory of Pro CMC reviews to read about the benefits of using this gastric relief formula to treat gastric problems and relieve stomach pain in your horse. All Veterinary Supply is a proud family business with a celebrated reputation for quality and personalized customer service attention.