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Diagnostic Equipment
Preg-Tone Plus ll

Preg-Tone Plus ll

Item# pregtoneplusll


Preg-Tone Plus ll for Swine from Renco

Designed Specifically for Swine. Detect Pregnancy Quickly... Accurately... Efficiently!

Test is completed in seconds! Confirm pregnant or open in less than 30 seconds (at 30 days)! All testing done externally; no harm to sow or litter. Accuracy proven by many thousands of producers! Tough plastic, acid resistant. Will last for years! 9 Volt replaceable battery will last for months! One Hand Operation! Use any oil for skin contact. No lights to watch! An earphone attachment is available for those extra noisy conditions.

BRAND: Renco


Preg-Tone Plus ll for Swine from Renco

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