Potassa-Chew Tabs for Dogs120ct
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Potassa-Chew Tabs for Dogs120ct

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Potassa-Chew is a Potassium Gluconate supplement for use in dogs and cats with potassium deficiencies.

The Potassium Gluconate in Potassa-Chew can help easily manage hypokalemia. A common cause for this condition is chronic renal insufficiency resulting in excessive amounts of potassium being excreted in the urine and a parallel inability to absorb enough from the stomach and intestines. Since Potassa-Chew has a great taste, it makes it easy to manage the hypokalemia associated with renal insufficiency in dogs and cats.

Dosage and Administration: The suggested dose for adult cats and dogs is one (2) tablets per 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of body weight twice a day. The dosage may be adjusted to satisfy the patient's need. It is best to check with your verinarian for proper dosing.

Active Ingredient(s): Each tablet contains Potassium Gluconate 2 mEq [468 mg]

Use with caution in the presence of cardiac disease, particularly in digitalized patients or in the presence of renal disease.

Do not administer in diseases where high potassium levels may be encountered, such as severe renal insufficiency or adrenal insufficiency. If unsure, check with your veterinarian.

Warning(s): Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.