Power Dog, 90 Caps
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Power Dog, 90 Caps

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The origin of POWER DOG Trace Minerals is a fossil rock from an ancient seabed, with a natural composition of salts and oligoelements from algae, fish, plankton and plants, which were fossilized through millions of years, forming this rock that today is pulverized and fragmented for packaging.

The composition of these minerals is a silicate salt that contains tiny amounts of diluted gases, heavy metals and oligoelements in a chelated form, balanced in such way so as to conform a neutral salt. Thus mediating in the inflammatory processes, regulating it's acidity.

Particularly POWER DOG Trace Minerals, have the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory, whether orally or applying them over the skin.

They aid in the digestive process in such a way, so as to increase the assimilation of some substances that usually are not digested, such as fiber; giving a maximum use to the nutrients.

They promote the growth of nails, hair and skin, increasing their color and retarding premature aging and white hairs.

They increase fertility and improve the testicular and ovarian function.

They improve the function of joints and bones, especially in those dogs that are showing arthritis at old age, prolonging their life span.

They improve the assimilation of any drug therapy, increasing it's absorption.

They also provide with an invaluable source of electrolytes, which replace the salt loss due to perspiration and breathing, especially during the months of summer.