Oxy Explosion 10lb
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Oxy Explosion 10lb

Price: $235.95
In addition to our species-specific supplements, we carry products that the whole farm can use. Veterinarians everywhere recommend Oxy Explosion to enhance your animalsí diets. Try Oxy Explosion with your cattle, horses, sheep, swine and goats.

This powder packs highly concentrated vitamins and minerals to maximize gains. Owners of show animals especially love the observable difference after using Oxy Explosion. At All Vet Supply, we offer this supplement in a 10-pound package to feed your four-legged family for months. Each ingredient has been hand-selected for optimal results in your animal. Oxy Explosion is comprised of vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6, calcium, phosphorous and two types of omega fatty acids. Vitamin B-12 increases appetite and food consumption to help your species maintain a healthy weight while ingesting the vitamins and minerals it needs. Vitamin B-6 boosts energy while encouraging your animal to stay upbeat. A good disposition is an essential part of showmanship. Calcium and phosphorous promote strong bones to keep your animals healthy. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote a shiny coat and healthy skin for that glossy, thoroughbred look.

Trust All Vet Supply to get your animals ready for the next competition. Our veterinary supplies allow every animal to reach his or her full potential.