Strongid Paste 20ml
Strongid Paste 20ml
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Strongid Paste 20ml

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Strongid Paste (Pfizer). Pyrantel Pamoate.

The safe and effective horse and foal dewormer that is easy to use.

Dosage: Administer as a single, oral dose of 3mg pyrantel base per Lb of body weight. The Syringe has 4 weight mark increments. Each weight mark indicates the recommended dose for 300 Lb of body weight.

For maximum control of parasitism, it is recommended that foals (2-8 months of age) be dosed every 4 weeks. To minimize the potential source of infection that the mare may pose to the foal, the mare should be treated 1 month prior to anticipated foaling date followed by retreatment 10 days to 2 weeks after birth of foal. Horses and ponies over 8 months of age should be routinely dosed every 6 weeks.

It is recommended that severely debilitated animals not be treated with this preparation.