Myo-Guard 20lb
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Myo-Guard 20lb

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Myo-Guard 20lb

What is Myo-Guard Horse Guard Supplement from Kentucky Performance Products?

Protect your horse's muscular system with Myo-Guard. The ingredients in Myo-Guard decrease muscle soreness and stiffness during an exercise bout and reduce the recovery time following intense work. Myo-Guard stops muscle problems before they stop your horse! Contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Selenium.

Antioxidants keep muscles working efficiently by guarding against free radical damage. Replaces magnesium lost in sweat.

Who uses Myo-Guard Horse Guard Supplement?


How is Myo-Guard Horse Guard Supplement used?

Mix 1 scoop per day in feed ration.

Guaranteed Analysis: 1 scoop provides 1,000 IU natural vitamin E; 1,500 mg vitamin C; 1 mg selenium

How much Myo-Guard Horse Guard Supplement do I get?

Comes in a 20lb pail.