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Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
MVE XC34/18

MVE XC34/18

Item# mvexc3418


MVE XC34/18, liquid nitrogen tank. THIS ITEM SHIPS GROUND ONLY.

Number of Canisters= 6, Neck Opening= 3.5 in, Number of 1/2 cc Straws= 2100, Overall Height= 26.6 in, Liquid Nitrogen Capacity= 34.8L, Outside Diameter= 18.2 in, Static Evaporation Rate= .18L/day Canister height 11 in Normal Working Days 123 Weight Full 96 Lbs

Durable, tamper-proof lid design. Easy maintenance lid design. Superior strength, lightweight aluminum construction. High strength neck tube reduces liquid nitrogen loss. Locking tab. Color-coded canister/lid numbering system. Advanced Chemical Vacuum Retention System - designed for superior vacuum performance over the life of the product. Spider design - for easy retrieval and insertion of product canisters. Insulation - MVE’s advanced insulation system provides maximum thermal performance. Five Year Manufacturers Vacuum Warranty.

BRAND: Millenium

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