Mineral Oil Light Gallon
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Mineral Oil Light Gallon

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What is Mineral Oil Light? Mineral Oil Light is an animal laxative.

Who is Mineral Oil Light Animal Laxative for?

Horses, Foals, Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Hogs, Dogs

How is Mineral Oil Light Animal Laxative used?

Use as a mild laxative for the lubrication of the intestinal tract.

Warning: Not recommended for frequent treatment or extended repeated administration. If condition persists consult veterinarian. For animal use only.

How much Mineral Oil Light Animal Laxative do I get?

Comes in a gallon container.

Dosing Chart:

Horses 1-4pt
Foals 2-4oz
Cattle 1-4pt
Calves 2-4oz
Sheep 1pt
Hogs 3oz
Dogs Under 50lbs 1/2-1oz
Dogs 50lbs & Over 2oz