McPherson Mouth Speculum
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McPherson Mouth Speculum

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What is a McPherson mouth speculum?

At All Veterinary Supply, we carry all of the top quality instruments such this reinforced mouth speculum used to hold an animals mouth open safely for medical and horse dentistry procedures.

Who is a McPherson mouth speculum for?


How is a McPherson mouth speculum used?

The McPherson mouth speculum is used to safely hold an animalís mouth open and immobilized for extensive work while performing surgery, floating, or other oral horse dentistry related problems.

How does a McPherson mouth speculum work?

It is constructed out of high quality stainless steel with improved cups, lower and upper jaws, and dual ratchets. The straps are made of 8 to 10 ounce latigo leather with nickel plated strap buckles.

All speculum parts are available individually for replacement.

How many McPherson mouth speculums do I get?

Sold individually

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