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Embryo Transfer
Map 5, 2ml Vial

Map 5, 2ml Vial

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MAP-5 is a sterile solution containing Sodium Hyaluronate. It is indicated for use in embryo transfer, in-vitro, cellular handling and cryo-preservation. It is a patented salt of hyaluronic acid in normal saline for use in the collection, handling, culture and cryo-preservation of embryo, ova, sperm and other cells.

Available in 10mg/ml 2ml vial and 5mg/ml 10ml vial.

MAP-5 acts as a replacement for serum and serum products in cell handling and freezing solution, and thereby reduces the risk of contaminating microorganisms that may contaminate serum product.

Hyaluronic acid coats and protects cells and tissues by attaching to the CD44 (hyaluronan) receptor sites on cells. The purity, defined molecular weight, and molecular chain length of the sodium hyaluronic acid in MAP-5 ensures that cells are completely coated and protected during all phases of handling and storage. MAP-5 should be added to collection, handling, culture and freezing solutions to replace serum and serum products normally used in these media. MAP-5 contains no preservatives.

MAP-5 is compatible with all common cell supporting media, cell surfactants and cryo-preservative solutions used in embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization procedures. The inclusion concentration depends on the procedure and the prior results and experiences of individual veterinarians and cell biologists.

Use strict aseptic techniques to add the required amount of MAP-5 to the appropriate handling or freezing solution.

Store at 60-85F (15-30C). Discard unused portions of the vials.

Warning: For use only in embryo transfer procedures, in vitro cellular handling and the cryo-preservation of embryo, ova, sperm and other cells and tissues.

MAP-5/50 (5 mg/mL) 10 mL vial - one vial/100-500 mL flushing solution.

BRAND: Bioniche

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