Master's Hoof Blend 8lb
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Master's Hoof Blend 8lb

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Biotin the way it should be, with nine additional nutrients, so you can do the job right the first time.

Much More Than Biotin If you've been thinking about feeding your horse a biotin supplement, you'll want to give Master's Hoof Blend a good hard look. Because if you think your horse could benefit from supplemental biotin, chances are he'll derive a great deal more from Master's Hoof Blend.

Methionine & Lysine - The Building Blocks Master's Hoof Blend is a rich source of biotin - in fact, it's 33% richer than many other leading brands. But Master's Hoof Blend is much more than biotin. Master's Hoof Blend also supplies high levels of the essential amino acids methionine (1,800 mg per ounce) and lysine (1,500 mg per ounce). These amino acids are key components of the protein keratin - and they're the essential amino acids most often deficient in equine diets. They are the crucial building blocks that must be present for biotin to do its job.

The Importance of Minerals Master's Hoof Blend provides a generous supply of elemental sulfur, the key mineral ingredient of keratin tissue. In addition, it delivers three bioavailable chelated trace minerals - zinc, copper, and manganese, plus silicon. Zinc is essential for the formation of certain key enzymes, including alkaline phosphatase. Copper is a component of the enzyme lysyl oxidase, an important co-factor in the cross-linking of proteins. The crucial role of manganese and silicon in connective tissue health has been cited by many medical researchers. The zinc to copper ratio of Master's Hoof Blend is 3:1, as recommended by leading researchers investigating the needs of growing horses.

Do The Job Right The First Time Master's Hoof Blend is a broad spectrum supplement that supplies the nutrients you need to get the job done right the first time. Each ounce supplies 300 mg of cystine, methionine's "sister" amino acid, and 50 mg of vitamin B6, a vitamin important for the synthesis of RNA, DNA, and protein. A six culture direct-fed microbial complex delivers beneficial micro-organisms for the horse's digestive system. Blended with natural alfalfa meal, brewer's yeast, and soybean oil, Master's Hoof Blend is a delicious addition to your horse's daily feed.

Recommended Feeding One serving (1 ounce) per day. A one ounce scoop is enclosed.