Load Bars HD1010
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Load Bars HD1010

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Tru-Test HD load bars are designed for heavy duty permanent installations under manual squeeze chutes where extra capacity and durability is required. Must be anchored to a level concrete slab. All are made from aircraft grade aluminum and are potted to keep out moisture. Heavy-duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature, which minimize the likelihood of cable damage.

Products Features:
  • - Galvanized steel housing.
  • - Heavy duty steel foot plates.
  • - Fully water, dirt and rodent resistant.
  • - Unique foot assembly absorbs extreme side and front to back loads.
  • - Heavy duty TPR/CV cables minimize the risk of damage.
  • - Includes top mounting plates for chute assembly.
  • - Load bar brackets available for select squeeze chute installations.
  • - 6600lb capacity.


RESOLUTION - Base resolution with Tru-Test indicators: 2 x HD load bars = 0.5 kg.

TOTAL CAPACITY - 2 x HD load bars = 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg).

NOMINAL LENGTH- 39 in (1,010 mm).

LOAD BAR WEIGHT(pair)- 86.6lbs.

ACCURACY- 1% or 2 resolutions, whichever is greater.