Pure L-Lysine Powder 5lb
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Pure L-Lysine Powder 5lb

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Pure L-Lysine Powder for Horses.

What is L-Lysine Powder?

L-Lysine Powder is a bioavailable source of the essential amino acid often missing from a horses diet. Supplementing feed rations with L-lysine for horses can increase the quality and availability of the protein in the diet without a major increase in crude protein of the feed ration.

Who is L-Lysine Powder for?


How is L-Lysine Powder used?

Feed 1/2 ounce of Lysine Powder daily. Amount and frequency may be adjusted as needed.

How does L-Lysine Powder work?

L-Lysine and protein deficiencies in mature horses may result in decreased feed intake, body tissue loss, poor hair coat and reduced hoof growth. Deficiencies in young horses may result in decreased growth and development. Lysine for horses supplement helps promote your animals health.

How much L-Lysine Powder do I get?

Comes in a 5lb container.