Liver Essentials 2lb
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Liver Essentials 2lb

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Liver Essentials 2lb

Liver Essentials™ is specially formulated to promote liver health in the horse. Liver Essentials™ can help clear the liver promoting healthy liver function. Choline Hydrochloride and lecithin are lipotropic. Milk Thistle contains Silymarin, which is beneficial for the liver. Vitamins B6, Folic acid, and B12 are cofactors of hepatic transmethylation. Indicated for horses with elevated GGT and/or Bilirubin levels. Liver Essentials is a palatable, safe, effective, and economical supplement to support a healthy liver in horses. Veterinarian-tested.


Active Ingredients per scoop, (1 scoop=1 vol. oz.=18g): Choline HCL, 3300 mg, Lecithin, 1780 mg, Alfalfa root, 1000 mg, Milk thistle, 580 mg, Methionine, 540 mg, Calcium pantothenate, 540 mg, Dandelion root, 360 mg, Artichoke, 90 mg, Turmeric, 90 mg, Beet root, 90 mg