LifeForce Elite 11lbs
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LifeForce Elite 11lbs

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LIFEFORCE Elite blend from Alltech, is an all-natural, daily nutritional powder for horses. It contains a yeast culture and trace minerls. It is designed for performance horses in stressful situations. Provides solutions to manage the effects that a challenging work environment can have on a horse’s well-being.

Regular use helps ensure that the horse maintains healthy fermentation while being fed a proper diet. The result is well-balanced microflora in the gastrointestinal tract which enables horses to extract the maximum nutrients from the diet. LIFEFORCE is also essential in helping to maximize beneficial fiber-digesting bacteria in the gut, which will enable your horse to extract the maximum nutrients from all feed sources and create an ideal digestive environment. Another particular advantage is the inclusion of mycotoxin adsorbents, which are used as part of a strategy to protect horses exposed to contaminated feed.

Product Highlights
  • • Creates an ideal digestive environment
  • • Stimulates an anti-inflammatory response
  • • Enhances peak body and muscular condition
  • • Supports a healthy immune system
  • • Increases the availability of antioxidants
  • • Naturally maintains hydration

Guaranteed Analysis:
Zinc Min. 2110 ppm
Copper Min. 530 ppm
Manganese Min. 350 ppm
Selenium Min. 35.20 ppm

Directions: 2 scoops daily. 1 oz scoop enclosed.