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Krud Zapper 16oz

Krud Zapper 16oz

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Krud Zapper 16oz

Krud Zapper Horse Ointment is a medicated topical ointment to be used on animals with skin conditions. Can be used to treat Ringworm, Rain Rot, cracked heels, fungus, proud flesh, infected wounds, warts, Florida sores and more.

Krud Zapper Horse Ointment is applied liberally twice or more daily on and around the affected area. DO NOT RUB IN!

For animal use only. Read complete label on package prior to use.

BRAND: Equuleus LLC.
UPC: 728795899912


Active Ingredients: Sulfur, o-phenylphenol, o-benzoyl-p-chlorophenol(11.7%)

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