Knockout Room & Area Fogger 6oz
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Knockout Room & Area Fogger 6oz

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Knockout Room & Area Fogger 6oz

Knockout Fogger is a room and area fogger that kills adult and pre-adult fleas including flea eggs. Last up to 7 months.

Contains a combination of 3 insecticides that stop the flea flea life cycle in 3 ways and controls other insects.

The first insecticide is Pyriproxyfen(Nylar), an insect growth regulator, which will not allow the flea to reproduce, thereby providing long term control.

The second insecticide is the botanical, Pyrethrin, which provides effective quick kill of insects upon direct contact with them.

The third, insecticide, Permethrin, provides activity until the Nylar takes effect.

One bottle treats up to 6,000 square feet. Building being treated must be evacuated by humans and pets prior to use. Read all instructions on bottle referencing preparation and clean up as well as warnings.