Springtime JFlex Concentrate 12oz
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Springtime JFlex Concentrate 12oz

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Springtime J-Flex Concentrate for horses 12 oz.

Promote joint health and cartilage growth in your prize horse with J Flex Concentrate, a safe, nontoxic and 90% pure supplement that helps to boost your horse’s cartilage production. This J Flex supplement is cherished among pet owners for its ability to enhance horses’ joint health. Additionally, Springtime J Flex Concentrate is a highly economical alternative to injected products that promise similar results. Horses appreciate the nearly odorless and tasteless product.

Plus, it’s simple to administer. Simply mix it into your horse’s feed. The loading dose is 2 scoops (8000mg) for the first week; and after that initial phase, you may administer from a half-scoop (2000mg) to 2 scoops (8000mg), all dependent upon your horse’s particular needs. Each 12oz Container contains approximately 170 (2000mg) doses. Since its founding in 2001, All Veterinary Supply, a trusted family business, has been researching, sourcing and selling the most useful pet products available on the market.

  • Promotes cartilage & joint health.
  • Minimum 90% pure.
  • More cost effective than injectables.
  • Totally safe & nontoxic.
  • Most economical joint product on the market.
  • Easy to use – just mix into feed.
  • Virtually tasteless and odorless.

Each 12oz Container contains approximately 170(2000mg) doses.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Chondroitin Sulfate Min 90% purity 408,240mg/lb