IT-TP Oral Paste 30cc
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IT-TP Oral Paste 30cc

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IT-TP Oral Paste for Horses.

What is IT-TP Horse Supplement?

Nutritional Support for The Equine Athlete.

Who uses IT-TP Horse Supplement?


How does IT-TP Horse Supplement work?

Each IT-TP Oral Paste 30cc syringe contains a myo-inositol tri-pyro-phosphate complex, in an all-natural cherry-flavored gum base.

How is IT-TP Horse Supplement used?

For adult horses, administer orally the contents of one (1) IT-TP Oral Paste syringe by inserting the nozzle of the syringe through the interdental space onto the back of the tongue and depressing the plunger. For maximum results, administer the contents of one (1) syringe, 2 hours prior to a competitive event. May also be administered to horses in training, the contents of one (1) syringe, weekly.

How much IT-TP Horse Supplement do I get?

IT-TP Horse Supplement comes in a 30cc syringe.