Iron Plus 1Gal
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Iron Plus 1Gal

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Iron Plus 1Gal for Horses.

What is Iron Plus Iron Supplement? Iron Plus Iron Supplement is a high-potency iron supplement developed to treat and prevent anemia in animals.

Who is Iron Plus Iron Supplement for?

Can be used on horses, dogs, cattle and swine.

How is Iron Plus Iron Supplement used?

Iron Plus Iron Supplement contains four times the amount of iron of most of its competitors. Its superior formula contains a combination of iron, copper and cobalt. Copper is important as it helps the body mobilize iron from storage areas, while cobalt helps synthesize vitamin B12, essential for helping the body to recover from anemia. In addition, the combination of iron, copper and cobalt is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which provides much-needed results in a timely fashion. Each ounce of Iron Plus contains 1200 mg ferric ammonium citrate, 60 mg copper gluconate and 15 mg cobalt sulfate in a palatable, dextrose base.

How much Iron Plus Iron Supplement will I receive?

Comes in a 1 gallon container.