HomeAgain Microchips 25pk
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HomeAgain Microchips 25pk

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What is a HomeAgain Microchip?

A HomeAgain Microchip is an easy way to save the life of your pet. Every few seconds, a family pet gets lost. In fact, 1 in 3 pets will go missing sometime in their lives. Most of these pets end up in municipal shelters, animal control facilities and humane societies across the United States. Tragically, most of these pets never make it back home because their owners didn't get a pet microchip for them and they can't be found through other means.

Who is the HomeAgain Microchip designed to be used for?

Dogs and cats

HomeAgain Microchip Bulk Pack directions

Although each syringe comes with instructions, it is strongly recommended that the chip is adminitered by a veterinarian.

These are ISO chips and can be read only by the Home Again Reader

How many HomeAgain Microchips are included in this Bulk Pack?

Includes 25pk of microchips (syringes).