HD5T Load Bars(Pair)
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HD5T Load Bars(Pair)

Price: $2,095.00
HD5T Load Bars(Pair)

The NEW HD5T Tru-Test load bars are rugged, durable and perform in harsh environments. The HD5T Load Bars are designed to be tough, reliable and easy to install under any crush. So easy to install that you can do it yourself.

  • - Extremely easy to install. Simply bolt it to the crush and then bolt to the level concrete surface.

  • - The 5,000 kg(11,000lb) capacity heavy duty load bar is suitable to mount under the heaviest of crushes.

  • - Sealed load cell. Protects the load cell against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside under the crush.

  • - Galvanized steel construction means the HD5T Load Bars are corrosion resistant and can endure the harshest agricultural environment.

  • - Heavy duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature, which minimize the likelihood of cable damage.

    Can be paired with any of Tru-Test's Indicators.