Springtime Fresh Factors Chewables 180Tabs
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Springtime Fresh Factors Chewables 180Tabs

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Springtime Fresh Factors 180 Tabs

Easy to feed chewables highly palatable.

Promotes strong joints and bones.

Restores bloom in older dogs.

Fresh Factor 180 Chewable Tabs for Dogs from Springtime.

Prevents hip and joint problems in younger dogs.

Helps give all dogs a luxurious coat and itch-free skin.

Enhances digestion/reduces stool size, cleanup.

Promotes a playful, upbeat attitude.

Helps calm nervous, high-strung types.

Over 210 million sold.

Provides raw food factors necessary for a dogs optimal health.

Contains equivalent of 10,000 mg of cartilage (50 to 1 concentrate) per tablet.


Just toss them into the regular feed ration or feed as treats. Small dogs Under 40 lb 1 per day Medium dogs 40-80 lb 2 per day Large dogs 80-120 lb 3 per day Giant dogs 120 lb & up 4+ per day.

Daily dose may be doubled or tripled if faster, more dramatic benefits are desired Larger doses are recommended for older dogs or dogs with infirmities.