Springtime Fresh Factors Chewables 450Tabs
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Springtime Fresh Factors Chewables 450Tabs

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Springtime Fresh Factors 450 Chewable Tabs for Dogs.

Easy to feed chewables – highly palatable.

Promotes strong joints and bones.

Restores bloom in older dogs.

Prevents hip and joint problems in younger dogs.

Helps give all dogs a luxurious coat and itch-free skin.

Enhances digestion/reduces stool size, cleanup.

Promotes a playful, upbeat attitude.

Helps calm nervous, high-strung types.

Over 210 million sold.

Provides raw food factors necessary for a dog’s optimal health.

Contains equivalent of 10,000 mg of cartilage (50 to 1 concentrate) per tablet.


Just toss them into the regular feed ration or feed as treats. Small dogs Under 40 lb 1 per day Medium dogs 40-80 lb 2 per day Large dogs 80-120 lb 3 per day Giant dogs 120 lb & up 4+ per day.

Daily dose may be doubled or tripled if faster, more dramatic benefits are desired Larger doses are recommended for older dogs or dogs with infirmities.