Foal Response 30ml
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Foal Response 30ml

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Foal Response 30ml Syringe for Horses and Cattle.

Foal Response is more than just Colostrum. Newborn foals require much more than colostrum for optimal health and protection. Foal Response™ has been formulated to provide newborns with the optimum Immediate Care Nutrition that they need. Colostrum has been long-studied for its positive effects on the intestinal tracts of newborns, but colostrum is only one piece to the "puzzle." Probiotics have long been recognized as an important factor in gut health, and Foal Response™ provides the live microbials (probiotics) that may be missing in your foal's gut at the time of birth. The KPx™ Colostrum and probiotics found in Foal Response™, along with other essential nutrients, make Foal Response™ an ideal supplement for newborns, older foals or weanlings.

Many of the antibodies found in bovine colostrum are not species-specific. This means that your horses can see beneficial results from supplementation with Foal Response™. Studies have shown that bovine colostrum can successfully replace colostrum for other mammalian species. Although bovine colostrum cannot replace equine-specific antibodies to certain pathogens, it appears to stimulate overall immune competence to a level equal to that of babies that are fed mother's colostrum. Equines can greatly benefit from the KPx™ colostrum found in Foal Response.

Feeding Instructions: Warm to body temperature. Feed entire tube immediatelyfollowing birth. Feed more Foal response as needed or as directed by a veterinarian.

For use in horses only.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein(Min) 3%
Crude Fat(Min) 0.1%
Crude Fiber(Min) 0.1%