Fight Bac 22oz
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Fight Bac 22oz

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A big problem with cows is mastitis, Allvet now carries Fight Bac. This product is a teat disinfectant which kills bacteria and controls mastitis.

The wide spray pattern clears residual milk from the teat orifice and provides total coverage. Contains the active ingredients Chlorhexidine and Glycerine to protect against infection and maintain excellent skin condition. The spray actually chills the teat, enhancing closure of the teat orifice. Product has been proven safe and effective under NMC guidelines.

The bottle contains a new 45-degree nozzle which is more comfortable to use and delivers complete teat coverage, even on goats and deep-uddered cows. Since it is in spray form, it is highly sanitary. The spray is ready to use and is cost effective, 2 cans treat as many as 600 cows.