E-Z Mixin CST Semen Extender
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E-Z Mixin CST Semen Extender

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E-Z Mixin CST Semen Extender

E-Z MixinŽ -"CST" contains the antibiotic Amikacin and is recommended for cooled semen programs where the semen must be stored for extended periods and/or transported. E-Z MixinŽ "CST" is also ideal for immediate on-farm use when an extender without Polymyxin B Sulfate is desired.

E-Z MixinŽ is a perishable milk-based product and requires some special consideration to minimize unfavorable exposures during shipping and after it is received. Excessive heat or extended time without refrigeration may damage the product. As a general rule, it is recommended that customers use what they order within six months. Fresh batches of extender are produced and stocked throughout the year to support this recommendation.

Includes the extender packet and water.