E & Selenium 20lb
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E & Selenium 20lb

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E & Selenium 20lb

E & Selenium 20 LB Pail for Horses is a balanced essential antioxidants blended in a high-quality active dry yeast supplement.

A Better Balance Vita Flex E & Selenium is a balanced supplement that can enhance the antioxidant activity of a wide variety of equine diets. Blended with a high quality yeast culture base, E & Selenium is very palatable and easy to feed. E & Selenium supplies more vitamin E (1,000 International Units) for each milligram of selenium for better balance between these complementary essential nutrients.

Vitamin E, Selenium and Healthy Horses Biochemists have studied vitamin E and selenium primarily for their crucial roles in limiting free radical damage in the body. Free radicals are reactive, unbalanced molecules produced during oxidation and other processes. Free radicals damage body tissues by changing the molecular structure of the cells. Vitamin E "quenches" oxygen and lipid peroxide radicals by stabilizing their chemical potential. These free radicals are also removed by glutathione peroxidase, a selenium-containing enzyme. This is one of several ways in which vitamin E and selenium protect and spare each other in the body. Research demonstrates that their nutritional value is raised when they are supplemented together. Numerous factors, including pollution, heavy exercise, pregnancy, lactation, growth and high levels of dietary fat, increase the horse's needs for these nutrients. In the U.S., soils in the East, Northwest, and Great Lakes regions are selenium deficient. In some Midwestern and Southwestern states, local soils may contain excessive amounts of selenium. In these areas, contact your local feed consultant or county extension agent before supplementing selenium.

Fundamental antioxidants Antioxidants are natural substances produced by the body or supplied in the diet. They combine with free radicals to produce water and other stable products, stopping the chain of damaging oxidative reactions. Vitamin E, an essential fat soluble vitamin, is also an important antioxidant defender. Studies of growing and performing horses have led many equine nutritionists to recommend an increased dietary allowance for vitamin E. Selenium, especially as part of glutathione peroxidase, is also a key antioxidant nutrient for many tissues.

What Form Of Vitamin E Is Best? The fully active form of vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) is very vulnerable to reactions with oxygen in the air that cause it to lose potency quickly. Esterified forms of vitamin E, on the other hand, are stable outside the body but are converted to the active form as they are absorbed through the intestinal wall. One of these, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, has been chosen by the World Health Organization as the universal standard for vitamin E potency. Vita Flex E & Selenium is formulated exclusively with dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate for maximum shelf life and reliable potency.

Recommended Feeding For maintenance, feed 1 ounce daily, or as directed by your veterinarian. A one ounce scoop is included.