Enhancer 1Qt
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Enhancer 1Qt

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Enhancer 1Qt(32oz) for horses.

What is The Enhancer Horse Supplement?

The Enhancer's formula is especially effective because of its unique ability to trigger a powerful (but safe) chain reaction to build muscle and reduce fatigue.

Who is The Enhancer for?


How is The Enhancer Horse Supplement used?

Feed 1/2 ounce daily. Amount and frequency may be adjusted as needed.

How does The Enhancer Horse Supplement work?

Gamma oryzanol is thought to stimulate the body to produce more of the second ingredient, pregnenolone, which, in turn, stimulates increased bodily production of DHEA. The three of them stimulate improved production from the body's hormone and glandular systems. This sophisticated blend puts The Enhancer out in front as the most promising product for optimizing a horse's speed and strength in a safe and healthy way. No other product combines even two of these three cutting-edge substances. Cover stories in news magazines, prime television coverage, and hundreds of articles in scientific journals have told of the remarkable results of daily intake of DHEA and pregnenolone. Research shows that they stimulate the natural production of beneficial hormones that build muscle, reduce fat, maintain running speed, increase bone strength, promote upbeat emotional states, and energize the body and mind. Gamma oryzanol contributes to the same benefits.

For Horses Of Any Age. Whether a horse is a yearling in training, or is in the prime of life, or has moved into the teens, The Enhancer might be the best supplement for building muscle and speed, while enhancing overall health. In one- and two-year-olds, The Enhancer horse supplement stimulates the building of strong bones and connective tissue, as well as muscle and speed. It helps the horse in its prime to develop optimal strength and speed. As a horse ages, this unique product helps it to maintain the hormone production levels of its youth, thus helping the equine body maintain peak muscularity, speed, alertness, and overall health to a more advanced age.

How much The Enhancer Horse Supplement do I get?

Includes 1 quart.

Active Ingredients per 1/2oz:
A Proprietary blend of Gamma Oryzanol, DHEA, Creatine Orotate and L-Arginine----------- 2150mg