Electric Fence Energizer M30
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Electric Fence Energizer M30

Price: $80.00
Electric Fence Energizer M30

The Energizer M30 is an electric fence energizer that works on 110V power. The unit powers up to 20 acres or 5 miles of clean fence. It stores 0.3 joules and it is ideally suited for small pastures and gardens. Gallagher's M30 Energizer has built-in lightning protection and is designed to perform and be reliable under extreme conditions.

  • • UL Approved
  • • Made to last with tough outer casing and built in lightning diverter.
  • • Easy to use and install with simple fence terminals and hassle free mounting.
  • • Check power at a glance with the power on indicator.
  • • Ideal for small pastures.
  • • 3 Year warranty.
  • • Dimensions(HxDxW), 7" x 3" x 5.5", Weight 2lbs.