Endura-Max 5lb
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Endura-Max 5lb

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Endura-Max 5lb pail for Horses.

Endura-Max was created especially for endurance horses. Horses often sweat profusely during a ride, and valuable electrolytes are lost in this sweat. Endura-Max helps replace those vital electrolytes and keeps your horse in excellent condition.

Each 1 oz dose of Endura-Max provides:

Sodium (min.) 5,528 mg
Chloride (min.) 11,886 mg
Potassium (min.)3,657 mg
Calcium (min.) 754 mg
Magnesium (min.)153 mg

Each scoop = 1 oz

For immediate oral supplementation, mix Endura-Max in a syringe with water or another carrier, such as yogurt or applesauce. For pre-loading prior to the start of competition, Endura-Max can be mixed with the grain or administered orally.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Maintenance or transport in hot environments: 1 oz top-dressed on ration.

  • Moderate work: 2-3 oz top-dressed on ration

  • Heavy training: 3-4 oz top-dressed on ration*

*We recommend dividing this daily amount into separate feedings.

From Kentucky Performance Products.