Dental Prophy Pack J-41k
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Dental Prophy Pack J-41k

Price: $98.50
Basic Dental Prophy Pack is designed to provide complete instrumentation for providing proper dental prophy and exam. (autoclavable tray not included).

Kit includes six German-made instruments:

  • J-41mi Dental Mirror. Dental Mirror. 22mm (7/8”) dia.

  • J-41j Jacquette Scaler. 2. 3ss double end. Designed to remove supragingival calculus with sharp pull strokes. The scaler tip is triangular in shape with a sharp tip.

  • J-41ja Jacquette Scaler. 6. 7ss double end. Curette. Designed to remove subgingival calculus. To root plane, use short quick over lapping strokes.

  • J-41e Columbia Curette. C2L/C2R. double end

  • J-41f McCall’s Curette. 11. 12.

  • J-42q Explorer/Measuring Probe. The delicate explorer tip is used for increased tactical sensitivity in the gingival sulcus. It locates subgingival calculus and can be used to check tooth mobility. The periodontal measuring probe is graduated in millimeters. It is held parallel to the long axis of the tooth and measures gingival sulcus depth. 61/2”.