Dectomax Pour On 1 Liter
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Dectomax Pour On 1 Liter

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Dectomax Pour On 1 Liter

DECTOMAX Pour-On is a topical de-wormer designed for use on cattle which has the longest duration of any nonprescription product in the market.

Dectomax Pour-On solution for cattle is used for the control of internal parasites such as gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms and eyeworms. Also works to control external parasites such as grubs, biting and sucking lice, horn flies, and mange mites.

  • - Formula is waterproof so it won’t wash off.
  • - Protects against the biting cattle louse (Bovicola (Damalinia) bovis) for up to 77 days.
  • - Only pour-on with duration against long-nosed cattle louse (Linognathus vituli) at 42 days.
  • - Controls 33 stages of internal and external parasites with a single, convenient application.
  • - Safe for use on any age and class of beef cattle, including pregnant beef cows. For use only in dairy calves 18 months or younger.