Daily Gold Stress Relief 4.5lb
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Daily Gold Stress Relief 4.5lb

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Daily Gold Stress Relief 4.5lb

Daily Gold mineral supplement for horses is a naturally occurring montmorillonite clay that contains 68 different minerals and elements.

Daily Gold functions as both a daily supplement and an important tool in helping horses overcome common horse ailments.

Daily Gold contains 68 different elements and minerals. It also contains a negative charge that helps attract toxins and allergens and carry them out of the body. Daily Gold contains a ph level of 8.7-9.8 which helps balance the ph of the digestive system and thereby reduces the chances of ulcer development. In horses that have ulcers, Daily Gold helps protect ulcers from further damage, allowing it to heal.

Feeding Instructions:For a full size horse, feed Daily Gold as a daily supplement at a rate of 2 ounces a day. Simply top dress your feed with Daily Gold using the scoop that is provided in the package.

With regular use, results from Daily Gold can be seen over a few weeks. You will notice better hoof health, healthy hair coat, better disposition, improved feed utilization, weight gain, and energy.

Benefits of Daily Gold
  • - Daily Gold helps minimize stress in horses which is one of the main causes of uclers.
  • - Daily Gold helps stabilize your horses digestive system which will keep your horse calm.
  • - Feeding Daily Gold will help trigger your horses urge to drink more water.
  • - Daily Gold neutralizes the acid levels in your horses stomach which results in better digestion.
  • - Daily Gold binds over 99% of Affatoxin B1 that is commonly found in horse feed.
  • - Daily Gold aids in equine digestion which can help prevent diarrhea, and keeps regular movement through the gut.