Creatine Paste 30cc
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Creatine Paste 30cc

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CREATINE Oral Paste for Horses

Experience top performance and high-grade quality with our selection of Creatine paste products.

CREATINE Oral Paste for Horses features creatine, an amino acid that delivers energy to muscles and is used for enhancing athletic performance. The science behind creatine is quite easy simple: Creatine is stored in muscle tissue, and when the original energy reserves have been used, creatine delivers a new source and level of energy to ensure and promote continued muscle activity. Equine creatine paste also reduces lactic acid production, which improves athletic performance, and helps recovery post-activity.

Each CREATINE Oral Paste 30cc syringe includes 10 grams of creatine.

ADMINISTRATION: For adult horses, administer orally the contents of one (1) CREATINE Oral Paste syringe by inserting the nozzle of the syringe through the interdental space onto the back of the tongue and depressing the plunger. For maximum results, administer the contents of one (1) syringe, 3-4 days prior and 4-6 hours prior to a competitive event.