CIDR Eazi-Breed 10pk
CIDR Eazi-Breed 10pk
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CIDR Eazi-Breed 10pk

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CIDR Eazi-Breed Cattle Inserts, 10pk

What is EAZI-BREED CIDR Cattle Insert?

The CIDR CATTLE EAZI-BREED 10-pack for cattle allows for the synchronization of estrus in cows and heifers. The artificial insemination cattle insert promotes progress of the first postpartum estrus in suckled beef cows and the first pubertal estrus in replacement beef heifers.

Using EAZI-BREED CIDR Inserts can result in:

Higher pregnancy rates
Earlier calving season
More uniform calves
Less involuntary culling of non-pregnant cows
Better use of time and labor during both breeding and calving
Tighter calving intervals, with more calves born during a cow's lifetime
Easier and more accurate heat detection, or the option of no heat detection with timed artificial insemination (AI)
Enhanced use of AI
Greater genetic gain and higher value calves
Ability to time heifer calving first, before older cows freshen, so heifers can get extra attention
Easier customized matings – including the use of calving-ease sires – because AI is more feasible
Confirmed breeding and calving dates – not always possible with natural service
A more profitable herd

Who is CIDR CATTLE EAZI-BREED formulated for?



EAZI-BREED™ CIDR® Cattle Inserts contain 1.38 grams of progesterone in elastic rubber molded over a nylon spine. They are packaged in a plastic pouch with 10 inserts to a pouch. The special EAZI-BREED CIDR applicator is packaged separately.

EAZI-BREED™ CIDR® Cattle Inserts are administered intravaginally, one per animal, in beef cows and heifers. The EAZI-BREED CIDR Insert releases progesterone during the seven-day treatment period.

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