CET Veggiedent Fr3sh Chews 30ct for Medium Dogs
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CET Veggiedent Fr3sh Chews 30ct for Medium Dogs

Price: $40.25
CET Veggiedent Fr3sh Chews for Medium dogs. 30ct.

CET Veggiedent Fr3sh chews are a highly palatable, vegetable-based, gluten free chews for dogs. Made with Non-GMO corn used and no artificial ingredients.The unique Z-shape allows the chew to reach front to back and everywhere in between. Each low calorie chew is tasty and has a chewy consistency which helps scrape away plaque and tartar.

Chews are highly accepted so it makes it easy for you, the pet owner to get involved in your dogs' oral health. Helps cleans teeth and freshen breath even on those days when brushing your pets' teeth is not possible.

Contains a Pre-Biotic which helps support digestion.

Size Chart:
EXTRA SMALL (< 11 lbs)
SMALL (11 - 22 lbs)
MEDIUM (22 - 66 lbs)
LARGE (>66 lbs)