Cellarator X Powder 150 Day Supply
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Cellarator X Powder 150 Day Supply

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Cellarator X Powder 150 Day Supply

What is Cellarator X Feed Supplement for Horses?

Cellarator X is an all natural feed supplement consisting of highly concentrated nucleotides. Cellarator X is a highly palatable, sticky powder, with no carriers or fillers that can be top dressed onto the animals ration. Our cutting edge formula contains the proprietary ingredient Cell-rate, which promotes natural cell growth to help increase muscle mass and weight gain due to digestive efficiency, and promote tissue regeneration during injury and illness. Research shows animals with an increase in cell production may have a positive effect on reducing naturally occurring stress enzymes, boosting immune system performance, and enhancing reproductive efficiency. Cellarator X contains microbials to help support and maintain normal digestive function. Cellarator X is all natural, drug free, highly palatable and comes in a resealable bag.

Who is Cellarator X Energy Supplement for?

Horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats of all ages.