Cellarator Turbo Paste 300cc
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Cellarator Turbo Paste 300cc

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Cellarator Turbo Paste 300cc

Cellarator Turbo Equine is an innovative paste product that will provide your horse(s) with the boost it needs before, during and after a performance. Cellarator Turbo contains the proprietary ingredient, Cell-rate. This ingredient has a positive effect on feed utilization, stress levels, nutrient absorption, oxygen uptake, intestinal flora and more.

Each 20 cc dose contains 5 billion CFU encapsulated microbials to help maintain a balanced intestinal tract. Also contains electrolytes which help restore normal body fluid and assist in preventing dehydration.

Can be used on foals, mares at foaling, before and after performance, and during illness, vaccination or stress situations. Also can be used for cattle, swine, goats and sheep of all ages.

Follow dosing guide on label or consult your veterinarian.