Springtime BugOff Garlic 5LB
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Springtime BugOff Garlic 5LB

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Springtime Bug Off Garlic Powder 5lbs for dogs & horses.

Natural herbal feed supplement. No toxic side effects – no fillers. Provides organic dietary sulfur. Horses and dogs love the flavor. No “spray on” hassles. Economical. Was in use prior to the development of antibiotics.


Horses: Give one scoop (approx. 1/2 oz - density varies from batch to batch) twice daily (preferred) or two scoops (approx. 1 oz) once per day. For best results, start off with just a sprinkle for the first few days and increase gradually to at least one full scoop twice per day per 1,000 lb.

Dogs: Give one scoop (2 grams) per 40 lb body weight per day.

Springtime uses only 100% pure dehydrated garlic powder, an optimum choice for both potency and efficacy. About 2-1/2 lb of fresh garlic is needed to make one pound of dehydrated powder. Springtime Bug Off Garlic is the easiest to store and feed. Please allow time to “build-up” in the system. It may take Bug Off Garlic two to four weeks to permeate all tissues. In areas of heavy infestation, dosage may be doubled or tripled.