Springtme BugOff Garlic Chewables 450Tabs
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Springtme BugOff Garlic Chewables 450Tabs

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Springtime Bug Off Chewables for Dogs 450 Tabs

Natural herbal feed supplement.

No toxic side effects.

Provides organic dietary sulfur.

Dogs love the flavor.

No chemicals.


Helps deter biting insects.

Was in use prior to the development of antibiotics.

Directions: Just toss them into the regular feed ration or feed as treats. Toy dogs Under 20 lb 1 per day Small dogs 20-40 lb 2 per day Medium dogs 40-80 lb 4 per day Large dogs 80-120 lb 6 per day Giant dogs 120 lb & up 8+ per day.

Please allow time to “build up” in the system. It may take Bug Off Garlic two to four weeks to permeate all tissues. In areas of heavy infestation, dosage may be doubled or tripled. Variances in color and aroma from batch to batch are normal.