Ball Solution Pt.
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Ball Solution Pt.

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What is McTarnahans Ball Solution?

Every horse owner needs a bottle of McTarnahans Ball Solution horse liniment. McTarnahans brand horse liniment is a counter-irritant used to help relieve sore muscles, curbs, splints, ringbone, cracked heel, bowed tendons and big knees caused by overexertion. Make sure you always have a bottle of McTarnahans Ball Solution horse liniment on-hand whenever you ride or exercise your horse.

Who is McTarnahans Ball Solution for?


How does McTarnahans Ball Solution work?

Unlike other liniments, McTarnahans horse liniment does not cause resistance with frequent use. Apply as often as needed to help your horse overcome common aches and pains associated with vigorous exercise.

McTarnahans Ball Solution horse liniment has been successfully used for over 60 years. From race horses to work horses, a variety of animals have benefited from the proven formula that helps ease sore muscles. The patented solution comes in a convenient bottle for easy dispensing.

Keep a bottle of McTarnahans Ball Solution on hand for whenever you need it!

How much McTarnahans Ball Solution do I get?

Includes 1 pint (16 ounce) bottle