Bailey's Ejaculator for Rams and Bucks
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Bailey's Ejaculator for Rams and Bucks

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Bailey's Ejaculator for Rams and Bucks

What is Bailey's Electronic Ejaculator?

The Bailey ejaculator is the most innovative, cutting-edge design available in electronic ejaculators. It can be used for rams, bucks and male goats. This instrument represents a new generation of technology for semen evaluation and artificial insemination. Enclosed in a rugged die-cast case, the unit is lightweight (only 2 pounds) and battery-operated.

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Who is Bailey's Electronic Ejaculator for?

Ram sheep and buck goats

How is Bailey's Electronic Ejaculator used?

Expertly crafted for use with one hand, the Bailey electronic ejaculator is incredibly easy to operate. Push the probe four inches into the rectum, then turn it on for four-second intervals. Repeat this simple process until ejaculation is achieved, which should only take a few cycles. The unit is equipped with high and low settings for use on different animals; with goats and sheep, the voltage switch inside the case should be set to a low setting.

A red light will shine when the switch is depressed, to signify both the operation of the instrument and the condition of its batteries. On fresh batteries, the unit should yield as many as 100 to 300 ejaculations. Make sure to replace the batteries if the red light shines dimly or fails to illuminate at all. Maintenance is just as simple as operation; the ejaculator can be cleaned using everyday household detergents. Aside from the cover plate, the unit is completely sealed to protect against the entrance of water and other substances.

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