Colorado Style A.V.

Colorado Style A.V.

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Colorado Style A.V.

All Veterinary Supply knows the importance of effective breeding. Whether you are breeding thoroughbreds or simply want to increase your farm size, try our Colorado-style artificial vagina. This is one of our favorite semen collection devices. Included in your artificial vagina kit are two natural latex liners, a plastic disposable liner, a collection bottle and filler. Some parts are interchangeable with other Colorado-style products. Breed your next blue ribbon stallion with our comfortable artificial vagina. The included liners make assembling and cleaning your product a breeze.

Simply attach the A.V. to the mount and allow your horse to do the rest. Utilize this natural and noninvasive approach to successful breeding. All Veterinary Supply always chooses unobtrusive and voluntary collection methods when possible. Add an artificial inseminator to your order for hassle-free breeding. Create the perfect equine match by controlling the breeding process. Apply a lubricating solution to keep your horse comfortable and ensure successful collection.

This is a lightweight A.V. in a complete kit with natural latex liners and plastic disposable liner. Also has collection bottle and filter. Comes with complete instruction manual. Many parts will interchange with other CSU or Colorado A.V.'s.