APF Pro Supplement for Horses 12oz
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APF Pro Supplement for Horses 12oz

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APF Pro Supplement for Horses 12oz

APF Pro is an advanced natural herbal formula for use in equine athletes. It combines the proven nutritional technology of the original APF (Advanced Protection Formula) with the muscle-building power of 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E). 20E is a safe and natural plant extract found in Rhaponticum carthamoides. 20E is one of the most widely researched nutrients used by top athletes and body builders for its remarkable ability to safely increase lean muscle mass during strength training. All without any of the adverse side effects of anabolic steriods.

APF Pro protects both the immune system and cellular metabolism APF Pro gives your horse all the stress protection unique to the original formula, plus the added gastric health benefit of Aralia mandschurica, which haas been found to have important protective benefits against stomach upset caused by stress.


Eleutherococcus senticosus,Rhodiola rosea, Schizandra chinensis, Aralia mandschurica, Rhaponticum carthamoides in a water-alcohol extract