All Plastic Syringe 50ml, 30/Box
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All Plastic Syringe 50ml, 30/Box

Price: $38.95
All Plastic Syringes 50ml, 30/box Luer Slip.

All-plastic, 2-part syringe that holds larger volumes (greater than 20ml). 2-Part syringes are unique options, as they contain no rubber or silicone oil, as found in many traditional syringes. This is especially crucial for many veterinary applications, including commonly practiced equine and canine breeding procedures.

Highlights: 50ML syringe graduated to 60ML.
All plastic no rubber, no silicone oil.
<0.2%, oleamide used, not derived from animals.
Lab & Veterinary use only.
30 Sterile, blister-packed syringes/box 12 boxes/case.
ISO regulated general purpose syringe that complies with all international standards.
Materials: Syringe Barrel: Polypropylene (PP), Plunger: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Manufactured in China