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Embryo Transfer
All Plastic Syringe 50ml, 30/Box

All Plastic Syringe 50ml, 30/Box

Item# 50cc
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All Plastic Syringe(Norm-Ject) 50cc, 30/Box. Luer Slip Ecc, Individually sterile strip packed.

What are All Plastic 50 ml Syringes?

Our Norm-Ject Syringes hold a maximum volume of 50cc each. They are sold in packages of 30, so you’ll always have plenty of syringes to get the job done. They make excellent tools for embryo transfers for private or commercial breeders because of their smooth draw, which reduces accidental spills. Measure liquids easily and confidently with highly accurate plastic syringes.

We offer our Norm-Ject syringes at our low everyday prices. We strive to bring our customers the highest quality sterile plastic syringes at the lowest possible prices, helping you meet your goals for less. Norm-Ject sterile syringes contain no latex, rubber, silicone oil, styrene or DEHP making them the ideal syringe for veterinary uses.

Who are All Plastic 50 ml Syringes for?

Can be used for any animals as part of standard veterinary procedures or to provide medications as needed.

How are All Plastic 50 ml Syringes used?

These all plastic 50ml syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, hypo-allergenic syringe. Because of their purity they are indicated for Nuclear Medicine, Amniocentisis, IVF, Embryo-Transfer, Chromatography and many laboratory procedures.

How many All Plastic 50 ml Syringes will I receive?

30 units per box

BRAND: Norm-Ject

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