Advantage ll for Cats

Cats as well as dogs can be bothered by a serious flea infestation. Not only is this uncomfortable for the animal, but it can lead to serious skin allergies, rashes, hair loss and also parasites such as tapeworms.If you see your cat constantly licking and nibbling in particular areas, more intensely than as part of their usual grooming, this may indicate the presence of fleas. We offer the highly effective Advantage II to rid your pet of existing fleas and prevent eggs from hatching. This makes the treatment especially useful as a preventative measure. A female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs a day, making it easy for a few fleas to rapidly escalate into a full infestation. Fleas are more difficult to detect on cats than on dogs. A good way to check your cats for fleas is to look for them in the cat's hair. You can do this by combing or rubbing a section of the fur over a white piece of paper. Black dirt flecks may indicate fleas. To know for certain, place these specs on a damp piece of paper. If they turn rust-colored or red in a short period of time, this indicates blood in the flea's feces, and positively indicates fleas. It is also important to know that cats and dogs can share fleas, so if you have both animals in your home, you'll need to be especially diligent. Regular treatments with Advantage II can keep the pets and humans in your home happy and healthy.