Accel Lifetime Health & Wellness 5lb
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Accel Lifetime Health & Wellness 5lb

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Accel Lifetime Health & Wellness 5lb

Accel Lifetime sets a new standard for performance in multi-nutrient supplements for horses. The range of benefits possible with Accel Lifetime will come as a very pleasant surprise to many horseowners.

AccelŽ Lifetime provides:

Everything in Vita Flex AccelŽ, the comprehensive vitamin/mineral/amino acid/microbial supplement favored by top riders, vets, and rescue groups.

GlutaSynŽ, a breakthrough milk serum isolate patented for support of immune response and the fundamental antioxidant, glutathione (GSH).

Greatly increased antioxidant support: twice the vitamin E and selenium of regular Accel, and four times the vitamin C.

All-new direct-fed microbial/yeast complex, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae, for significantly greater activity and enzyme yield.

Better Nutrition, Better Lifetimes Over a horse's lifetime, the state of antioxidant and immune defenses will be a vital factor in the quality of life and performance. Scientists are finding new ways to support these important guardians of health. AccelŽ Lifetime applies recent discoveries in antioxidant nutrition and immunology to give horses an unprecedented level of comprehensive nutritional support.

For the Whole Horse AccelŽ Lifetime was developed with the whole horse in mind. It provides a full, balanced spectrum of essential nutrients in an easy daily supplement fortified with GlutaSyn, enhanced antioxidant levels, and an all-new microbial and yeast culture complex. The first goal of AccelŽ Lifetime is to apply recent discoveries to give horses better-than-ever lifetime nutrition. The second is to give horse owners a new kind of tool in the quest for optimum overall condition.