Absorbent Blue Lotion, Gallon
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Absorbent Blue Lotion, Gallon

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Absorbent Blue Lotion Gal. For horses.

What is McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion Cream?

McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion is an enhanced counter liniment and warm up lotion for all horse breeds that protects your horses’ legs before and after exercise.

Who is McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion for?


How is McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion used?

Adding McTarnahan’s unique lotion to your equine care routine is a simple way to reduce soreness and stiffness caused by vigorous exercise. At times, your horse may feel overexerted, especially in extreme warm and cold temperatures. Apply non-greasy Absorbent Blue Lotion for fast-acting relief.

How does McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion work?

We offer Absorbent Blue Lotion in a convenient one-gallon pail for extended use. Whether you own multiple horses, a large veterinary practice or simply want to give your pony the best protection available, our gallon lotion is the perfect choice. Eliminate uncomfortable inflammation and swelling with McTarnahan’s.

The original Absorbent Blue Lotion from McTarnahans is the finest quality, superior counter liniment and warm up lotion. A unique formulation in a thick non-greasy base, provides quick ultimate relief of soreness and stiffness due to overexertion and vigorous exercise. Works great as a sweating lotion to reduce swelling and inflammation. Veterinarian recommended and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How much McTarnahan’s Absorbent Blue Lotion do I get?

Comes in one gallon container.

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